Review of Nyx Pore Filler

Price: €17.00

Size 20ml

The packaging is simple and attractive. I like that. Unfortunately that is where my like of this product ends. It states on the box that the pore filler can be used under or over make-up, as a primer or may also may be worn by itself.

The product felt nice when applied to the face however it doesn't go spread easily so far too much product is necessary. The appearance is translucent and it feels silicone based.

Upon application there definitely wasn't a noticeable difference with my pores and I really don't feel this product could replace a primer in any shape or form.

Bottom Line: Quite simply this product doesn't seem to do what it promises, i.e. reduce pore size. along with that I found my skin very dry after a week of using this product.

Would I recommend this a friend? : Most definitely not. Save your money!