Musicians influencing Fashion...

I found an old picture of Jane Birkin last month and have found myself returning to look at it every few days since. I knew there was a blog post just waiting to be written that would include it. So last night I spotted an amazing image of Grace Jones and knew what the post would be...

  Amazing female musicians who influence fashion!

There are not many words needed here. I think the images are strong enought to speak for themselves...
Madonna's influence on fashion is legendary and long standing.

Stevie Nicks

Grace Jones

                                                Siousie Sioux

Courtney Love instigated an army of holed-stocking wearers!

Remember every girl weaaring Adidas Gazelles? That was down to this woman... Elastica's front  woman, Justine Frischmann.

Deee-Lite singer Lady Miss Kier

No not Florence! Garbage front woman Shirley Manson.

Lady Gaga

Blondie. Denim on denim, back in vogue (unfortunately!) :-)

And my personal favourite (it must be the hippy inside me!)...

The beautiful and "often copied, though never equalled" Jane Birkin.

I hope you enjoyed viewing those images as much as I did putting it together! :-)

Blog soon, S x.

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