As trends move on and change in fashion, they also do so in the fashion industry. Everyone is looking for the next new thing-trying to get that edge on their competitors. From Fashion shows they have now progressed to Fashion Shows being broadcast live on Youtube. And now I've noticed that all the big brand Fashion houses have moved on from photographing their collections to videoing them (I realise video is almost a defunct word!) :-) This is not just a video of a model parading up and down in different outfits. These are short films featuring the collections.  A plethora of talented producers, directors stylists and music (for music is an integral part also) professionals are involved.

Dais A/W2010 is a short film by Irish Stylist Sonya Lennon and Swiss Irish Film maker Christian Amman. Born of an original concept by Sonya Lennon, the project showcases the International success of Irish Fashion designers through the medium of film.Nine Irish Irish fashion designers feature in Dais A/W2010, which was shot on location on Valentia Island in Kerry on Ireland's South coast.

Dais from Dais on Vimeo.

Personally I love everything about this-it's soul, it's mood, the entire piece really struck a chord with me. What do you think? The very talented and lovely Sonya has just added another string to her bow! :-)

Blog Soon, S x.

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