Beautiful Weekends...

For those of you who follow my blog regularly you will know that at times of high social activity (ie a busy weekend!) I take the option to post random beautiful shots with no theme in particular (yes-the lazy(wo)mans way out) These posts have proved popular however so as a busy weekend is once again upon me here is one such post! :-)

I just realised that I seem to be drawn to shots of women travelling alone-how very odd! :-)

I want this...

 Autumn Light...

And because everyone seems to love when I post videos I just had to include this one from French designer Vanessa Bruno.

This was to advertise her Spring Summer collection earlier this year. To me it epitomises what fashion should be-beautiful, wearable and always, always fun! :-)

I'm off for the weekend to celebrate my good friends engagement. Special times. Happy weekend whatever your plans! :-)

 Blog soon,S x.

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