Sur you wouldn't know what to put on!

Yip-this is what I've been hearing an awful lot of late. It's the Irish weather you see. I call it scizophrenic weather. You walk out in the morning-it's cold but sunny, you look out the window at lunchtime-it's warm and sunny,you leave work at 6-it's freezing and bucketing rain!
So what is the answer to transitional dressing...Layers! I have been getting endless use from my little leather jacket and jersey scarf-lightweight and versatile but with a little bit of warmth (obviously there is Always an umbrella in my bag too though!) :-)

So think ...
(This is one of My favourite bloggers)

I love the lightweight jacket teamed with shorts.Obviously this could be a little skirt either,it's just all about getting the fabric weights right.

A great scarf can be doubled up to keep you warm against the autumn chills too!

Some of My Favourite transitional pieces are... summer dresses worn with long cashmere cardi's, slim-leg trousers worn with long silk shirts, jeans worn with layered jersey tops and silk shorts worn with tights and simple tops... I think one piece from each season may just be the key-so your summer dress with your winter cardi-just keep the fabrics the same weight-nothing too heavy yet-that's what Winter is for!

The lightweight and light coloured jacket is the perfect transitional piece.

My Personal Favourite...

Well what did you expect? Black is my favourite (non?) colour afterall! :-)

Blog soon, S x.

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