Caped Capers!

This is one of those trend I am really not sure about. But love them or loathe them there is no disputing that capes are EVERYWHERE this season...

I just love the red shoes in the first shot!

I guess the thing about capes is that they are as stylish and (possibly more?) versatile as a coat but they have the added bonus in that you can show off what you're wearing underneath. Great for someone like me who likes to multi trend! I am quickly selling capes to myself here! :-) I adore this look...

This cape is available on ASOS now.
(And I want, want,want these leather shorts too!)

I think these pictures demonstrate perfectly how versatile capes really are.So many different fabrics, weights and textures-leather,wool,fur. Throw a cape over your jeans for off-duty cool or wear one with a little black dress and killer heels ala Miss Bradshaw (below)...

But my favourite look is the third one (above) about-layering a cape over a cape in different fabrics-Genius! More is more as opposed to less is more! :-)

A little Florence Nightingale-ish for my liking but well... she still manages to pull it off in her own inimitable way!

I have not quite decided if I will buy into this trend but if I do I think I'd be going down the knitted route as I just adore knitwear and feel it will be less bulky and generally more flattering. I think capes are set to be a mini trend only so to me that means if I do decide to invest at all, it shall only be in a small way, i.e. the high street! Although shopping around is always a good thing to do. I found this little gem-designer piece at high street prices!

Ralph Lauren Blue Label Cashmere Mix Half price now on

But my very favourite has to be this sublime red cape... Must be due to remnants of childhood fairytales. Look at the huge hood-Gorgeous...

It was available on Ebay but has sadly sold out -I lucked out on this one! :-(

 I just had to include this image as to me this is the first thing I think of when I think of capes and fashion should always be fun! :-)

I think I may be channelling the cape look as I head out this weekend (hopeful of bumping into my new crush but that's a story for another post!) ;-)

Blog soon, S x.

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