Just Smile!

Just a short post today due to a lovely long, long weekend and a house that is in bad need of cleaning! When looking at other blogs-Fashion and otherwise I began to notice that so few people smile when their picture is being taken. I realise they may be nervous (or just posing) but I think the power of smiling is lost on way too many people. Even on the catwalks models almost never smile but when do it blows me away! Fashion shouldn't be too serious in my opinion!. Anyway here's my antidote to that...

Why is this so frowned upon on the catwalk? I have never seen anything as refreshing as this smile!

A silly smirk! :-)

So evocative-I want to be with them!

Carinne Roitfeld, editor of French Vogue knows the power a good smile can have.

A smile changes Rihanna from fierce to pretty.

Just so natural

And my favourite of all. Not strictly a fashion image but this is by far my favourite for it's sheer natural beauty and infectiousness...

I hope this helps cheer people up a bit as they head back to work after a bank holiday weekend. I know it's put a smile on my face just by writing it! :-)

Blog soon, S x.

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