Sea of Shoes

Firstly I am delighted to tell you that my blog is now being featured on, a fantastic Irish website with all manner of things fashionable,chic and affordable!

Anyway I found this beautiful photo last week and have (quite literally!) been dreaming about these Celine shoe-boots since!

A closer look...

I think I'm in love <3

Of course in true me-style, it turns out they cost a small mortgage! I don't how but I seem to have an innate sixth sense for falling in love with the most expensive items from one hundred paces!!! Has anyone else got this affliction? More unfortunately it seems they will be available in Brown Thomas soon. As Oscar Wilde said "I can resist everything except temptation" We'll see! :-) So in my search for a similar (read less expensive!) pair I came across some absolutely worth-selling-a- member-of your-family pairs of beyond stunning shoes.

First stop was Net A Porter

I guess now is the time I should 'fess up to another addiction. To give it it's just position it would be fair to say that I have had a love affair with shoes for.... well actually for as long as I can remember.One of my earliest memories is of me going shopping for school shoes. My Mother was sick so I went with my Dad. Now I knew what was allowed (black leather,flat and sensible) and my Father did not! I came back with a pair practically identical to these...
Very practical, no??? :-)
I think that is what is known as "pulling a fast one!"

That was when my love for red shoes started. My current two favourite pairs are...

Irish shoe Designer Eileen Shields' Calf hair winged shoes. Be still my beating heart! :-)

Rupert Sanderson Mirabelle in Blood red patent.
I have been stopped in the street whilst wearing these with enquiries as to where they're from. I adore them!
 Check this out... Impressive eh???
I seem to have wandered from the point. Back to this season! I found these gorgeous and very cool looking boots on of all places...
A steal at £60.00 stg!

These are a definite contender for the Winter-the chunky heel makes the perfect for standing in, in work all day.

And lastly these Rupert Sanderson shoe boots are on sale in his website and just happen to be left in my size (probably not for long though!) Now where did I put my debit card?! :-)
Blog Soon, S x.

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