What To Wear When You're Sick Of Jeans But Still Want To Look Cool

I love jeans but I definitely have an all or nothing relationship with them. I might wear a pair every day for a month (not the same pair!) then not put them on me for three months. I do love the edge that denim adds to a look however and when I'm in a no jeans phase, I find it takes longer to achieve that laid back nonchalance that is so easily achieved with denim.

Personally I am a big fan of textured fabrics (in case you didn't already know!) so I think throwing on your favourite pair of leather leggings, a cosy knit and giant scarf is a good way to replicate the feel of edgy denim looks. Similarly a leather skirt or jacket can have the same effect when worn correctly.

It's no secret that I'm an absolute Pinterest fanatic and when I find myself totally lacking ideas for an outfit that I can both look and feel good in, that little wonderland of online inspiration is my first port-of-call. Aside from being completely user friendly, there really is pretty much nothing that you can't or won't find on Pinterest.  With a few words specified, you can be led down into an Aladdin's cave packed with blogger and celebrity looks to suit your search.

Like I said earlier make clothing textures and layers your friend; a silk dress layered with a cardigan and scarf is a go to look for me in slightly warmer months. Change the knit up for something warmer in the cooler months, add opaque tights and boots and voila-another edgy off duty look that will become a go-to fail-safe outfit in your wardrobe!

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