Nude Neutrals!

I am loving all the creamy,nudey,neutraley (sic!) colours around this season. There is a shade to suit everyone. Okay,I'll admit it-this is slightly self indulgent as I love all the outfits outfit and would wear each and every one of them! Firstly-the inspirations................



My Two Favourites-frothy, lacy, just gorgeous!


One of my friends can't understand how I look at blogs, magazines or whatever and get inspiration for an outfit; "but how can that inspire you?" she asks, "when you don't own any of the items she is wearing!" But to me I get a feeling from something and that is the inspiration. That inspiration can come from anything really-a film, a flower, a song or yes indeed-someone elses outfit! (Well imitation is the highest form of flattery afterall!) I digress. The gorgeous photos above started my search for some new additions to my wardrobe. I came up with this wishlist. It's my birthday next week and I'm off to London so you never know what I might come back with! :-)

"Stella Mc Cartney" Silk high-waisted shorts.

"Haute Hippie" Hand embroidered lace dress.

"Chloe" Silk beaded top.

"Fendi" Sheer applique top- J'adore! <3

Okay I'm off to consider my packing for my city sojourn.
 Blog soon! S x.