I'm Back!

Okay-so I have finally written another post. I adore writing this blog but after my first few posts I needed to take some time to decide where I wanted to go with it. I've done lots of research and think I know now where to go so let me know what you think!

Firstly...........the very, very late and promised photos of Tim Ryans current collection. Tim described this collection as "A bunch of hippies meets a bunch of travellers on a (certain lowcost budget airline) flight to Ibiza! 
The collection is made up predominantly of pastel colours-pink, yellow and silver with some injections of black also. The pastel colours evoke memories of neopolitan ice cream and Tims inclusion of black in most of his collections is a very clever move. Obviously black appeals to the masses but when you are trying to draw new customers towards your knitwear collection it really helps to use a colour that people feel "safe" in. Case in point-my first few pieces from Tim were black but now I've got what it's about, the last piece I got was electric blue! As always Tims' attention to detail is second to none. He uses lurex mixed yarns to add depth to what would otherwise be flat yarns and adds tactile fringing made from luxurious frothy fabrics. Yes-they are as delicious as they sound!

I'm seriously coveting the Amaaaaazing lurex knit cardigan with pink fringed pockets. It's a little outside my budget but hey, it costs nothing to dream!

Blog soon! S x.