The Best of the Irish!

I guess with all the talk of New York, Paris and London Fashion Weeks it got me thinking about Irish Fashion. (Yes-we do have Dublin Fashion Week for those not in the know-it runs this year from March 30th to April 2nd.) Anyhoo I've decided to concentrate on the best of Irish Fashion for the next few blogs. For such a small country we have an enormous wealth of talent. A few of my personal favourites to start........

Tim Ryan.

 I guess I'm slightly biased on this one for a few reasons. Firstly I just adore knitwear, have done since I was a little girl and loved wearing the fabulous rainbow coloured creations my Mother and Grandmother would knit for me! Secondly I am lucky enough to know Tim through work and he is just the nicest most uneffected person. But neither of these things changes the fact that Tim is doing with knitwear what Kate Moss did with Ugg boots-Making it sexy and cool to wear again!

Tim who is originally from Tipperary but is now based in London is a self taught knitter having studied sculpture in a past life. Quite often there are no seams in Tim's pieces which mystifies me. Mixing yarns and colours add interest and texture and the trims are always deliciously delicate. Colours used have varied from a pale silver to a predominantly black to a crazy rainbow coloured palette for this season which reminds me of Neopolitan ice-cream. I'll post some photo's of Tim's SS10 collection  soon, in the mean time enjoy viewing these!

Currently stocked in Elaine Curtis, Carlow. Les Jumelles, Galway and Samui in Cork, not to mention Browns Focus in London.

(Apologies about the quality of the last photo!)         

Blog soon! S x.