Happy New Year

I just have time for a quick blog post before my I head out to celebrate New Years Eve. I am a big fan of a new year as for me it holds so much promise. I described it today to my good friend Colin, as akin to starting a new copy when I was in school. You'd vow that each page would be neat and perfect. By the time you were a few pages into it, being neat and perfect didn't matter because you were learning new things and that has nothing to do with perfection.

Every year I chose a word that will represent my coming year. Last year I chose "education" and although this year education did indeed play a huge role, it wasn't at all how I expected, as life often is.

You know how every few years there is a "big year" in your life; one where a milestone event occurs or you feel you have learned a lot. 2015 has been one of those years for me. I won't bore you all by going into every little thing that happened to me  but suffice to say that through a great deal of trial and error, I have learned to trust my own thoughts and feelings; to not look for approval from others when making decisions about me and my life.  At thirty eight years old, I knew that this was something I needed to hone and develop but I just didn't know how to go about it. Anyone that knows me well, will tell you that I am fiercely independent so perhaps it was just a matter of time until I started to trust myself and my own intuition more. Regardless 2015 will stick in my head as the year that I learned to trust myself and not need validation from everyone else which is only positive! Which brings me nicely onto 2016.

This year the word I have chosen to represent it is Success. I am confident that armed with last years lessons, I am going to be very successful in love, health and wealth and If I could have one wish for you all, it would be the same!

Blog Soon,
Suse x.