Golden Brown...

Ok, so there is no denying that the Summer in Ireland has been pretty much non-existent! 
I have bought very few new items for my wardrobe as a result but I have splurged on a few new make up items that I wanted to share with you all. Nudes and golds are perfect for the Summer (whether the weather is good or not!)
 Personally,I am not a big fan of fake tan at all but each to their own. If I do wear it I mix it with moisturiser.
I may not look as brown as others but I look healthy and I can be safe in the knowledge that there are no streaks. I prefer to use a good bronzer. You don't have to spend a small fortune either-my favourite bronzer is YSL but that is a treat whenever I'm in the airport. Most of the time I use the Rimmel's Sunshimmer bronzer and I have no complaints at all. Some bronze, gold and copper eye shadows, mascara and a natural lip and you're good to go! Oh I forgot to mention that with all the gold tones, a well defined eye brow is essential. Fill it in with pencil or shadow, I prefer shadow-it looks more natural. This prevents the face looking too washed out.
Here are my favourite nude/gold shots make up looks for Summer...

Jennifer Aniston does the sun kissed/ well defined eye brow to perfection!
Also the addition of a little pink high lighter on the cheek bones is a fresh alternative.

To achieve the look...
Nars Shimmering Body OilStila EyeshadowBenefit HighlighterDeborah LippmanOrganic Glam and Nars Nail PolishBobbi Brown Powder Gel BronzerChanel LipstickGuerlain Pure Gold Makeup BaseNars Body IlluminatorGiorgio Armani Eye Pencil
.Happy bronzing y'all! We might have no real Summer but that doesn't mean we have to look pasty mc pasty! :-)
Go on treat yourself to a few new items. You'll feel like a new woman!
Blog soon,
Suse x