Fabulous Flats?

I don't know when it happened but lately I've realised that all my footwear for day are now heel-less; - converse, ankle boots, moroccan slippers and my old reliables- my cowboy boots. I'm not sure what has led to this. I used to be a total sucker for heels-the higher the better. Don't get me wrong I still love heels and would only wear them on a night out. At (almost) 5'4 and with a penchant for tall men I need a heel to give  me the extra inches and confidence! I digress. I used to think that flat shoes were a little, well uncool and lacking an edge. I was never quite sure how to wear them but that seems to have changed. Here are my favourite ways with flats. I think all the looks are a little cool and edgy without looking "try hard", the worst fashion faux-pas ever in my book! :-) 



Hope you've all got a little inspiration from this post! 
(Though as I look out the window typing this, there is a torrent of rain falling from the sky so perhaps a post on wellingtons and rain coats would have been more apt!)
Happy weekend y'all :-)
Blog soon,
Suse x.