Hat Trick!

So this week our Winter arrived. Temperatures fell below 5 degrees, the winter woollies came out of the wardrobe and I was happy! Yes-I love Winter clothes and as it's almost the end of October, I was beginning to think I'd never get to wear any of my beloved hats,scarves and gloves collections. During the Summer months they are stored away neatly (well that may be a large exaggeration, but they Are stored away) in beautiful hat boxes I picked up on my first trip to New York. Anyhoo these beauties which consists of 19 scarves, 9 and a half pairs of gloves and 12 13 hats (I forgot about my latest acquisition, more of which later!) have been waiting patiently to be be taken from the hat boxes and worn!

So last night I removed them from the hat boxes and began trying them on-well the hats, not the gloves and scarves. Alas something was wrong... since last year my hair has grown quite substantially- a good 6 0r 7 inches and and I now have no fringe and a middle parting. (I was channeling Margerita Missoni if you must know!) :-) So it's all very different. They don't look the same anymore. Well some of them suit me better and some of the most clearly Do Not! Kind of like some of these...

This begs the question-who can wear what hat?
Trilbys, berets, flatcaps, fedoras. beanies, cowboy hats, panamas, porkpie hats, baseball hats, trapper hats...... Phew, the list is quite exhausting! So which hat should you buy? Personally I think baseball hats should be left to baseball players and cowboy hats should be left to Cowboys. (And while I'm at at it, the bakerboy style has really had it's day too-leave it to children (along with large bobble hats) and chimney sweeps!) The rest we can wear freely (lets not be greedy I say!)

Firstly consider your personal style, then your lifestyle. People like Samuel L. Jackson, S.J.P. and Brad Pitt have managed to make hat wearing both an art form and look as though it is part of their personalty at the same time.To me this is almost an art form.

I almost always go for wool hats as I walk to work and am really into natural fabrics  (and style) so wouldn't go for anything too fashiony, shiny or modern as it's just not me. So that usually leads me to hats like this...


                              I found this beauty too...

This hat is also available in black and is perfect if you have shorter hair. The secret to wearing hats if your hair is short is to show some of your hair so wear the hat at an angle (either pulled to one side or more to the back) or pull out some of your hair at the sides. Otherwise you will end up looking like you have no hair at all!

I also love the classic beret and it's my fail safe as I think it's quirky and classic at the same time, goes with most looks and is warm too! Please don't wear it like this though...

It should be more like this-classic and looks like an after thought (for anything "try hard" is never a good look!)
                               My Personal Favourite

For men there are actually so many choices. I love a man in a hat. I think it's because my Dad and Grandad always wear/wore hats...

Oh ye-here is my latest "hatquisitation" :-)
                  It is double cashmere and I just love it!

Blog Soon, S x.

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