Khaki with Envy???

I've noticed in work (yes-my day job is also in Fashion!) that everyone is interested in investing in s new coat this season. It seems that last year people were happy enough to wear what they already had, such was their new found fear over the dreaded recession.

(Hereafter known as R. for I refuse to go down the route of talking about what a state our country is in. We still have more than the majority of people in the world and so long as I have enough to pay my rent, pay my bills, and still have a little left over I am happy and therefore fortunate. Rant over!)

I digress.Now that we know what we are up against it seems the one thing people are willing to invest in this season is a new coat. The question is though, which one? After lots of research I came to the surprising conclusion that the khaki parka is a fantastic investment piece. One which can be worn with almost everything and functionality is afterall what is most important with a coat...

                                     My Personal Favourite

1- TOPSHOP: €70

4- D&G: €906
5- WOOLRICH: €499
6- TOPSHOP: €97
8- UNIQLO: €66
9- TORN: €598

Let me know which is your favourite? Or if like me you couldn't choose just one!? :-)

Blog soon, S x.

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