A new Season!

The sunshine seems to be gone and with it the Summer collections. Despite the fact that it's only July, Autumn/Winter stock is appearing in shops everywhere. Personally I love it!

I love the tactile fabrics for Winter, the variety of ways to pile on the layers and create different looks-wool over lace, velvet over jersey, leather over chiffon and the accessories...ooh-I adore it-hats,scarves, tights and boots-yum,yum,yum!

Chanel as always have outone themselves! Their eskimo themed collection is brim full of fur-fur trimmed skirts, fur waistcoats and completely over the top fur boots which are sure to be copied by everyone, everywhere.
Roberto Cavalli has taken a slightly more realistic approach (but then who ever said fashion was about being real!?)
I will be translating this trend by investing in copious pairs of tights; patterned and ribbed and layering my favourite chunky cardigan over silk chiffon slips.All I need to do now is decide on the footwear! Hmmmm........

Blog soon, S x.