Jazz Age Lawn Party

Anyone that's knows me well, will know I have a love for all things Jazz and all things New York.

And since I met someone who was lucky enough to attend The Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party in New York, I have been avidly following it and all things linked to it.

Wildly anticipated by Flappers; the Party brings back a time in the 1920s where rollicking in a delightful afternoon rendezvous of live music and dance, instruction in period dances, picnicking, and games, is the order of the day. The day includes...
*A delightful variety of refreshing cocktails.
*Homemade barbeque.
*Live dance performances
*Bake Sale!
*Authenitc '78 records from the 1920s played on a phonograph
*Charleston lessons
*Parade Of Hats
*Pie Recipe Contest
*1920s Motorcar Exhibition
*Tug O' War
And my favourite...

*Vintage clothing Market!!!

      People make an enormous effort to look the part...

The shoes...

The accessories,such attention to detail.

The parasol-so ladylike. I love all these old traditions.Such a pity they fade away.

This is my absolute idea of Heaven. Maybe I was born in the wrong era???

There is just something so other worldly about it all-the music, the clothes, the people... the atmosphere (sigh...)  I am definitely going to plan my next New York trip around this event. Who knows-I might never come home! :-)

Blog soon, S x.

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