The "lob" It's going nowhere!

There seems to be no sign of the lob (or long bob for those who have being living under a rock for the last two years!)  trend disappearing. Every week we are treated to another celebrity who has "gone for the chop" So what is it exactly about this hairstyle that has made it so popular?

Well unlike many faddish hairstyles, the lob is genuinely low maintenance and versatile. There is enough length left that the hair can still be tied back or up. The extra length means that the hair can be waved or curled if naturally straight and the general "mussed up" look means that the layers grow into a longer style without the need for expensive trims and upkeep.

 I had very long hair until two years ago. I cut my hair quite short when I was made redundant. It was definitely shorter than a lob but I loved it. A few trims later and I am now growing my hair again (vowing of course to "never" cut it again!) My own hair is now at the lob stage and I do find it incredible easy to manage. I would definitely recommend the lob for those looking for a hair change. A few tips; Make sure you have a stylist that you trust. If you're unsure ask someone who's haircut you really like, who their stylist is and most importantly would they recommend that person. Bring in photos when you are going to your appointment. Every stylist loves a bit of guidance. And the best advice I can give; embrace the change!