Aminah Abdul Jillil

Since joining Instagram earlier this year, I have realised that there are so many gorgeous and undiscovered labels out there; labels that you might never hear of. If like me, you like to wear something different, this this is the place for you! I will endeavour to bring you as many of these finds from across the globe. I will do the hard work so you don't have to! If you would like me to feature your brand, just drop me a mail here, Susanne x.

Her Story
I'd be spotting these fabulous dramatic, ankle-bow shoes on Pinterest for the last six months or so but just couldn't find a source for them.....until today. Aminah started out as a professional dancer in Los Angeles, performing with some of the biggest names in the industry music including Britney Spears and Janet Jackson. In 2012, after completing her third world tour with Britney, Aminah launched her first collection of women's shoes selling mostly online and a few L.A based boutiques including the iconic Fred Segal. Her first collection did quite well when Rihanna chose to wear one of her designs in the "Where Have You Been" music video! Aminah's career as a dancer has taken her around the world and cultivated her eye for culture, art, design and fashion. She hopes to continue with both of her passions and is excited to see where they take her next. What makes Aminah Abdul-Jillil's designs unique is her excitement to "try something different"

The Collection
Chances are, if you follow a style blog (apart from mine of course!) or have a fashion board on Pinterest, you have pinned or seen a pair of Aminah's ankle bow shoes without knowing who they were. They have achieved that delicate balance of being elegant and edgy whilst still being glamorous. They fall on the right side of pared back; just enough to be spotted on the feet of French editors, which as any girl who knows her Fendi from her fakes will know, is the holy grail of fashion product placement.
The best selling bowed beauties, have just been released in a special limited edition, matte blush. They are also available in a platform and flat versions. For those loving studding or sparkle, there is the most divine embellished crystal court shoe that are stunning and unique in their design and I have seen A LOT of embellished courts. The collection also includes two ankle boots that ooze sex appeal. In total, the collection has thirteen styles. Each pair of shoes are all leather. The colours in each style are predominantly red, black and nude with a touch of metallics thrown in.

Where and How Much?
Currently only available from their own website here The good news is that for all leather footwear the prices are very affordable. I mean don't get me wrong, they're a treat but still an affordable treat. With flats starting at $165.00 (approx €150.00) the bow-toe ankle shoes are $215.00 (approx €195.00) and the crystal pump are the highest price point at $375.00 (approx €345.00)

Perfect If
- If you work in fashion, you are a girly-girl or if you just adore shoes!

Fashion Floats Thinks
- Judging by her collection, I think Aminah & I could be friends. Is that weird? 
   Maybe but it's true! You can tell a lot about a person by their choice of footwear!
- The collection is a fashionista's idea of shoe heaven.
- Is excellently priced.
- I would happily choose the ankle-bow shoes as my evening wear shoe of choice forever!
- There is a lot more to come from this designer.
- For the unconventional bride-to-be, the crystal pump are a great idea.
- It's a shame the collection is not more readily available especially in Europe. With the taxes 
   on purchases from America, it practically doubles the price for us here in Ireland.
- Are not for the faint hearted
- The best is yet to come for Aminah Abdul-Jillil!