Victoria Beckham For Autumn Winter 2015/6

Just In From The Front Row

“It’s not about one theme – but instead thinking about what women really want to wear and how they want their clothes to make them feel,” So said the designer on her latest collection. It is quite clear that VB always designs with herself in mind. However that said, she wears the collection with aplomb and in turn, sells it to all her well heeled wannabes. If  that sounds like I was not enamoured with this collection, you would be mistaken. I found myself oohing and aaahing over almost every piece. Draping and tailoring seemed to marry seamlessly which is no mean feat, The more serious structured pieces that opened the show had a little humour injected with the contrasting and slightly over-sized buttons. It's odd how one seemingly careless detail can evoke such a response. I would do well to remember that like the designer and her personal life, I'm sure none of the minute details are left to chance in this collection. The colour palette was as always primarily black, grey and it's slightly cheerier cousins, The introduction of a beautiful midnight tone and warm olive shade were welcome additions. There was the obligatory inclusion of a small number of jewelled toned pieces to keep everyone happy. Though truth be told, I'm never sure why she bothers with these as everyone knows most of the fashion set survive primarily on a diet of black clothing ! :) To me the coats and outerwear were the outstanding pieces. Cocoon shapes were given a fresh contemporary feel with high mandarin collars and wide bow-tied waisted belts. Said coats had a deliciously intricate origami feel to them. The coat lengths were again updated and had a thoroughly modern feel. My personal favourites were her patch work pieces near the close of show. I am pretty sure I have never owned anything patchwork in my life and so my desire to do so now means that for me, Victoria Beckham is doing something very, very right. Expect an onslaught of reproductions from the high street. I suspect Reiss and Marks & Spencer will excel. The collection left one with a sense of classic, covetable comfort with a high octane injection of understated luxury.