Newly Inspired!

I know, I know...I've been sooooo bad about blogging but to be honest apart from being crazy busy, I was also feeling totally and utterly uninspired, until now! Don't get me wrong I still eat, live and breathe Fashion, I've just been eating, breathing and living lots of other things lately too (like gigs and my new guitar!) Anyhoo it was this collection from Haider Ackermann that got me excited enough to blog is, in a word...Sumptuous!

Yes-long skirts are back!

And long skirts with thigh high slits are definitely back!

Mixing hard (leather) and soft (satin) textures...sooo hot for AW11.

More texture mixing-leather and sequins <3

My Personal Favourite...
The mix of colours, the fabrics, the draping-I just adore this! 

Love to know what you all think of this collection. And also if there's anything else you'd like to see!
Blog soon (I Promise) :-)
S x.