I'm sure you've noticed that everyone is talking about minimalism in fashion lately. There is a very strong link between this fashion trend and the current economic climate. If you think about it, it's not that ridiculous really-people don't want to be seen to be extravagant. So because accessories are kept to a minimum the clothes that are being worn must be of the best possible cut and quality which is why luxury fabrics and perfect tailoring are so popular during recessionary times. Makes sense no???

The people who do have money (but don't want to be seen to have it) will instead spend their money on excellent tailoring which should speak for itself and not need embellishment. And is always the case, it is the people at the top who start the trend. A bitter pill to swallow yes-but true, nonetheless. If you're not sure how to work this trend think of the famous Audrey Hepburn saying "Before you head out the door, take one thing off". Whether this be a piece of jewellery, a scarf or a pair of sunglasses, it is all about less being more and of course buy the very best you can afford. If this means saving up for a few weeks to buy classic pieces instead of splurging on instant gratification fashion (as opposed to style) In fact this is the way most French women always shop. Not content with trawling the shops every Saturday for cheap bargains (as I certainly did when I was younger) a French woman will often save for months to save for the perfect simple black cashmere jumper. It may seem excessive at the time, even laughable. It is not so laughable when she is still wearing the same piece 3 years later. I am a convert to this way of shopping and believe me-it saves you money in the long run. So whilst for now minimalism may seem slightly boring  believe me, you will not be saying that in the future. Things to invest in are cashmere knitwear, a good coat, a classic pair of jeans, a simple little black dress. Things I would skimp on a little are anything white (they never stay white) or anything too fashiony which you know you will only wear a handful of times. 

My Personal Favourite

  Phoebe Philo championed the look for Celine this season while Stella Mc Cartney also featured it heavily in her collection but there are some excellent copies to be found on the high street.As always Zara has tailoring featuring heavily in their collection. Check out these beauties...

And does this remind you of anything? (Look to the first photos in this post)
Fashion eh? Like most things in this life-it's derivative! We just have to remember to enjoy it and not take it too seriously! :-)

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