Men Men Men!

I've been deliberating about this post for a long time. I (like most women) am a sucker for a well dressed man. But when it came to writing this post well, I just didn't know where to start. Men's Fashion is certainly a lot less fickle than Womens. I think that men have it easier than women in one respect when it comes to fashion because as there is less choice, there is less room for disasters! :-) So with that in mind I decided to do my first mens post on what I like and some of (whom I consider to be) the male style icons of our time.
In no particular order...

George Clooney
He rarely gets it wrong and always looks well groomed but manages to put his own twist on things too.

                                            James Dean...
This man managed to turn the white t-shirt into an iconic item of clothing.The irony is that James Dean was considered anything but stylish by many of his Hollywood peers of the day.  He turned heads and created a legend, not by dressing up, but by dressing down.

Whatever "it" is-he has most definitely got it!
Whether it's on the red carpet or just hanging out with his beautiful (and uber stylish) partner Vanessa Paradis, this man cannot put a foot sartorially wrong. I think it's down to his use of accessories-the hats, scarves oh and the glasses. He always has a great pair of glasses to finish off his look!

                          My Personal Favourite
Joshua Jackson
Understated, always dresses appropriately for the occasion, looks like he makes an effortless effort. (Doesthat make sense? It does to me!) Delicious, delectable and (in my opinion) much under-rated!
With his beautiful girlfriend the actress Diane Kruger. This is a brilliant look, especially loving the grey shoes.
Mens footwear are the first thing I look at (After their face of course!) I think you can tell an awful lot about men from their footwear choice. Unlike women they don't tend to have hundreds of pairs and they generally are a reflection on a mans personality. Take deck shoes (bleurgh) I don't think I have ever gone (or could go) out with a guy who would wear them. They're just so..... God the words escape me-probably just as well as I think it may be a profanity!
 Some of his best looks

Joshua Jackson and Prada-excuse me whilst I wipe away the drool! :-)
Let me know what you all think???

Blog soon, S x.


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