So today I was thinking about an ex-boyfriend and his phobia for buttons (It's true!) Anyway as often happens my mind wandered (away from the ex and towards buttons,which is surely why he is an ex!)  So many shapes,sizes, colours, textures.... (The irony is not lost on me here! :-)

The earliest record of the use of buttons dates back to the bronze age Greeks and romans are thought to have actually worn buttons as decoration but it wasn't until the 14th century were they used as fasteners on clothing.

Now buttons are even branded with their company logo or initials. Subliminal messaging through buttons?

Ok, I admit it-I do like buttons. Now I don't collect them but I can remember my favourite items of clothing when I was young and most of them had pretty glass, bead-like buttons or sparkling, diamond-like buttons or my very personal favourite-toggles!

I think it was mostly the feel of the wood that I liked. Well I am a Taurean and thus very tactile.
I digress....

The humble button.

Imagine a world without buttons?

Where it was all zips and my personal phobia.....velcro! (Yeuch!)
Ok, imagine this little fella without his buttons???

Point Proven???
I hope so!!!

Blog soon,S x.