A New Beginning!

This blog is a result of many many hours of me trawling through websites and images, saving the images and later publishing them to my Facebook page. All of these images are beautiful (in my humble opinion!) whether they involve fashion, portrait, landscape or still life. I love it! I guess that's what this is all about-a love of, no-a passion for Fashion. Fashion not just being about clothes!
I could say loads more; about fashion being in my blood, about my job in fashion... but I'll save all that for the future!  :-) The name just came to me and it kind of sums up how I feel about fashion; it floats along as part of life. I've posted some photos of my style inspirations just to give an idea of who inspires me.

Blog soon!
Susanne x.

P.s. One last thing-a big thank you to Catriona  xxx  (she was the one who suggested I start this blog)